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5 Funny Females™ Tour
Stand-up comedian, Susan Alexander, hosts and assembles a variety of the most talented funniest up and coming female stand-up comedians who are bringing their own outrageous unique point of views across the country.


Susan Alexander began her stand-up comedy career in San Francisco hosting popular live weekly shows where she created and started to host 5 Funny Females, a national touring stand-up comedy show with a line-up of the most talented up and coming female comedians across the United States. Her comedy is outrageous and entertaining covering topics from her Korean mom to celebrity gossip. Susan appeared in the Friars Club: So You Think You Can Roast? TV pilot roasting George Takei. Her stand-up has been featured on Rooftop Comedy, Comedy Time and hulu. Susan is the co-host/creator of The Denial Show, a weekly web series calling out celebrities in denial. Her tweets are regularly featured on Bravo TV's New Jersey Social, New York Social and Orange County Social. She has released a new ebook called Real Housewives Tweet Fix. Susan is based in New York City.

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    Marcella Arguello
Too lazy to shoot hoops and much too smart to model, Marcella Arguello may be taller than most men, but the only thing more intimidating than her height is her comedy. Marcella, a rising talent in the San Francisco area, mixes a combination of genuine reason with a sexy suggestion of street. Marcella performs regularly at top clubs all over California and featured on RooftopComedy.
    Jessie Baade
New York City and Boston comedian, Jessie Baade, has performed in both the 2003 and 2004 NY International Fringe Festival. Jessie’s voice can be heard in commercials throughout New England. She also created her own all Mom comedian show called Full Metal Mamas. Jessie was featured Nick at Nite’s Funniest Mom in America Show.
    Amy Beckerman
Amy Beckerman connects with all audiences: college students, geriatric, gay and straight. She pulls humor from relationships, her crazy family and everyday life. Amy has appeared on The Sopranos, HERE TVs Hot Gay Comics and was a guest commentator on MTV’s FN– MTV and New York Underground Comedy Festival.
    Janine Brito
San Francisco based comic, Janine Brito, known for her dryly witty, matter-of-fact comic style, Brito is one of the city's top up-and-coming comics. Janine is a featured comic on RooftopComedy.
    Desiree Burch
Desiree Burch is a writer, comedian, actress and creator or the The Hysterical Festival, a new festival for women in all areas of comedy. Desiree has performed in the New York City Underground Comedy Festival, New York International Fringe Festival and appeared on VH1’s Best Week Ever .
    Chris Burns
Chris Burns loves kittens, long walks on the beach and enjoys taking public transportation. She also is a radiant light-being who is working out some personal issues through her standup comedy performances at clubs all around the San Francisco bay area. Chris is featured on RooftopComedy.
    Sheila Bryson
A Canadian ex-pat who has called the U.S. “home” for the last seven years, Sheila Bryson has represented her motherland’s reputation for funny since before she could remember. She brings a shamelessly personal, mostly intelligent and frequently blush-worthy point of view to the stage. Sheila was a 2009 finalist in the ‘ Battle of the Bay’ and ‘San Francisco Women’s Comedy Competition.”
    Michelle Buteau
Michelle Buteau grew up in a Caribbean household in New Jersey and Miami, Florida. Despite all that, her English is very good. She has toured throughout the country and in Europe, appearing regularly in comedy clubs in London, England and Dublin, Ireland. She recently won New York's Underground Comedy Festival's New Comic Contest and was a finalist in Budweisers’ Ladies of Laughter Competition. Michelle has appeared on VH1's Best Week Ever and A2Z's Donald Trump. Lifetime Television, Oxygen, Bravo and dozens of commercials.
    Chantal Carrere
“Rapid-fire, high-energy ball of energy that pops on stage.” That was the consensus from the judges of the 2005 Funniest Female competition when Chantal Carrere received a perfect score in the semi-finals and placed among the final Top 10. In 2003-2004, Chantal was the runner-up at the Russian River Comedy Competition for two years in a row. Also in 2004, Chantal was the winner of Laugh Across America – Wild Card category. Chantal performs regularly at comedy clubs bringing laughs across the country from San Francisco to Boston.
    Samantha Chanse
In 2001, Samantha Chanse began her career as a stand-up comedian and playwright in San Francisco, and in the last few years she's written and performed plays & theater pieces around the SF Bay Area. Her first play, "What Good Intentions," was produced at Rites & Reason Theatre in Rhode Island, and, more recently, her work has included a 2005 production of her full-length play, "Sleeper (a chronicle of the return of the remarkable)," which was co-produced with Asian American Theater Company and Bindlestiff Studio. In 2006, Samantha received an Individual Artist Commission from the San Francisco Arts Commission to write and perform a solo theater show to be produced in 2007.
    Maria Ciampa
Maria Ciampa has been writing, performing, and directing comedy for over 6 years. Maria performed her self-produced solo show, “Family Shmamily”, for audiences in Boston and New York City. She performs stand-up comedy all over the East Coast at special events and comedy clubs.
    Katie Compa
Fast-talking East Coaster, Katie Compa, has a biting sense of humor which she uses to write and perform comedy (and survive her day job). Katie was a finalist in the 2007 Battle of the Bay Comedy Competition in San Francisco, and performs regularly at clubs on both coasts.
    Kendra Cunningham
Kendra Cunningham’s clever writing and hilarious social commentary put her in the league of her own. Kendra has appeared on sketches on Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon along with performing all over the East Coast at comedy clubs and special events.
Pronounced "Dye-yah" not "De-hiya" as some may think is enjoyable and fiery (much like masala). In past incarnations she's been as a management consultant, venture capitalist, a researcher in Cuba, and a journalist at the Democratic National Convention before starting in comedy. She combines her commanding 5-foot stage presence with material and characters from her traditional Indian upbringing, nerd-pride, Alabama roots and political activism. She is a newcomer to the comedy scene and has already toured with “Pundits with Punchlines” and performed at “Laughing Liberally San Francisco.”
    Marina Franklin
Marina Franklin is one of the hottest comedians in the New York City comedy scene along with being viciously likeable. Marina has appeared on Chapelle’s Show, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, and Showtime at The Apollo and the new Jay Leno show.
    Caitlin Gill
A rising talent in the San Francisco comedy scene, Caitlin Gill, uses her personal experiences into engaging bits and stories, and drops phrases in your ear that will later litter your lexicon. Since beginning her career in 2007, Caitlin has performed at the San Francisco Punchline, the Purple Onion, 12 Galaxies, and a couple of places in the tenderloin that used to be comedy clubs but are now abandoned buildings. She is also the weekly host and producer of the "The Ladies Room" at San Francisco’s Brainwash.
    Liz Grant
With a talent for mimickery and facial contortions, Liz Grant could be described as an animated and physical comedian. Her impressions include famous characters like Lord of The Ring's Gollum and Renee Zellweger. She was the winner of an impression contest of her favorite comedian Brian Regan along with the Spirit of San Francisco Comedy Competition. Liz was also a comedy writer for Laugh.com.
    Carrie Gravenson
Carrie Gravenson is a rising star in the New York City alternative comedy scene. She may look sweet but will delivery hilarious punches out of left field that leaves audiences wonder what happened to them. Carrie was recently named the NY Comedy Underground Festival Next Generation winner.
    Lilibeth Helson
Lilibeth Helson may be little but she is fierce on the mic. She is exploding on stages all over the Bay Area as the new up and coming standup comedian to watch. Currently, she is performing at special event shows and comedy clubs all over California.
    Andrea Henry
Andrea Henry was a class clown always sent to the Principal's office for shocking antics doesn't begin to describe her. Andrea was a finalist in Nick at Nite’s Funniest Mom in America contest and appeared on Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight.
    Meghan Hounshell
Megan Hounshell takes her trusty guitar, bursting out ironic and sublime lyrics to songs like “Rock Baby Farm” placed her in the Top 10 at the 2005 Seattle International Comedy Competition. Megan has appeared on the Oxygen Network’s “Girls Behaving Badly” and performs all over the West Coast.
    Erikka Innes
Erikka Innes resides at the intersection where Highbrow meets Lowbrow, Art meets Trash, Academic meets Illiterate, and Pretentiousness gets a Wedgie. Her comedy combines her love of the silly and sarcastic with her quirky intellect. The result is a series of hilarious short stories and inventive one liners that are sure to crack up even the toughest of audiences. Erikka was a finalist for two years in a row at the 2004 and 2005 Funniest Female Competition. Erikka recently created her own monthly sold-out comedy show called ‘Geek Comedy Night' in the Bay Area that will be touring in 2007.
    Julia Jackson
Julia Jackson is a comedienne and solo artist known for her biting social commentary, as well as actually biting audience members from time to time. The Milwaukee native takes on all topics, from politicians to the NFL. This rising comedy star has performed at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh , Scotland , and was a Semi-Finalist in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition. Her solo performance piece “Turbulence” was selected for the 2006 San Francisco Theatre Festival, and the 2006 San Francisco Solo Festival. Julia appeared in the film “Some Prefer Cake”, and has worked with Robin Williams, Dana Carvey, and Paul Mooney.
    Erin Judge
Erin Judge has red hair and rocks. She was recently named the “Six Breakout Boston Comics” by the Boston Herald along with hosting a weekly show at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square. In addition to telling jokes, acting in sketches, performing characters, and producing shows, Erin is also an as award-winning writer. Erin appeared on Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight and Live at Gotham.
    Laurie Kilmartin
In 2002 Laurie Kilmartin became a staff writer for Comedy Central’s Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. Laurie has performed on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, the USO Tour, Watchin’ Shorties, Tough Crowd, and The World Stands Up. She has been featured at comedy festivals in Montreal, Aspen and Edinburgh. She has also written CBS’s The Late Late Show and Comedy Central’s Too Late with Adam Carolla.
    Jen Kober
Originally from Lake Charles, LA, Jen Kober has been headlining all over America and is taking the national comedy scene by storm with her original blend of stand-up, Southern-style storytelling, and improvised on-the-spot Rock-N-Roll. Kober’s machine-gun talking style and quick wit have landed her in the company of some amazing comedians. This year Kober has opened for Kevin Pollack, Louie Anderson, Kathleen Madigan, Damon Wayans, Dana Carvey, Roseanne, George Lopez and Sinbad. Jen was the Runner up in the 2004 Seattle International Comedy Competition, and the Winner of the Houston Comedy Games. Audiences all over the country are raving about this high-energy rock star comedy jam, as Kober takes the stage with her commanding presence and dares you not to laugh. This year Jen is bringing her stand-up to the people through the magic of television with appearances on both Showtime and Comedy Central.
    Esther Ku
Esther Ku tackles some of today’s most pressing taboos with the finesse and brutal force of an earnest 2nd grade honor student mocking a smelly kindergartener. She brings her trusting audiences into a private room to convey what it’s like to view the world through her eyes. Esther was recently part of NBC’s Standup for Diversity Showcase. Esther was recently seen on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and The Howard Stern Show.
    Nancy Lee
Nancy Lee is originally from the Bay Area but has recently moved back from living in Los Angeles for over 10 years after realizing she may have to get rib-removal surgery to look skinny enough for TV and film. She is very happy to be here again in San Francisco working on her stand-up comedy and cougar skills! Look out for her in the upcoming movie " Wedding Palace " starring Margaret Cho and Bobby Lee.
    Tracy Locke
Tracy Locke studied improve with Second City, Chicago City Limits and The Upright Citizens Brigade. Tracy was on tour with Lisa Lampenelli for over two years and is now based in Los Angeles working as a commercial actress and comedian.
    Dana Lovecchio
After spending a lifetime of getting sent to the principal's office for telling too many jokes in class, Dana Lovecchio has found place to fit in on stages throughout San Francisco. She was also a finalist in the For Ladies Only Comedy Competition.
    Maggie MacDonald
Maggie MacDonald was in veterinary school when she decided to give stand-up comedy a try. After her first performance in front of classmates and professors, she was hooked. She has been performing all over New England. Maggie was recently the "Comic-in-residence" at the famous Comedy Studio in Cambridge, MA. Be careful, she's not as demure as she looks!
    Kelly MacFarland
As an experienced stand up comedian, Kelly MacFarland has an extensive and well-rounded resume including comedy clubs, theaters, colleges and several television appearances. Kelly has appeared on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and on NBC's hit reality series, The Biggest Loser. Aside from being an accomplished stand up comedian; Kelly is working her way to being a successful humor-wellness speaker.
    Ellen Moschetto
Talented Boston based comedian, Ellen Moschetto, has a dry witty presence on stage that turns hilariously animated. Ellen performs all over the East Coast, featured in the Boston Comedy Festival and a regular at Boston’s Comedy Studio.
    Maggie Newcomb
Maggie Newcomb’s positive attitude brings a refreshing blend of comedy to standup comedy performing clean and clever material. Maggie won the Battle of the Bay Comedy Competition at the San Jose Improv. Currently, she performs in comedy clubs and corporate events across the country.
    Mary Van Note
With her edgy and unique style of stand-up comedy, Mary Van Note has already been
recognized as a refreshing up-and-coming talent. Mary was voted Comic of The Month by Rooftopcomedy.com and a favorite to the San Francisco alternative comedy community, Mary Van Note has opened for Maria Bamford, Todd Barry and Patton Oswalt along with running her own very popular underground shows. Mary has the The Mary Van Note Show featured on IFC.com.
    Bernadette Pauley
Known as the “Low Class Blonde,” New York City comedian Bernadette Pauley performs at top colleges and clubs around the nation. Her blonde good looks are just a disguise for her raunchy and unrelenting comedy she let’s out on unexpected audiences. Bernadette has been on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, Comics Unleashed and recently TLC’s Trading Spaces.
    Jessimae Peluso
Crazy white girl with flavor sums up the comedy styling of New York City based comedian Jessimae Peluso. Jessimae performs all over the East Coast and has appeared in national commercials, The Boston Comedy Festival and The Tyra Banks Show.
    Rachel Rockwood
Outspoken and newcomer, Rachel Rockwood, is on the rise in the San Francisco comedy scene. Rachel grew up in Montana and now brings laughs all over the Bay Area.
    Sandy Stec
Sandy Stec’s dialect-driven characters and sarcastic life-stories covers all the bases-and then some. Clubs, colleges, corporate and sporting events have quickly picked up on Sandy's cynical- yet friendly - delivery, allowing her to become a favorite among audiences. Sandy currently hosts a weekly midday on-air radio program on Mix 106.5 Today’s Best Mix of San Jose, CA. She was recently featured on UPN's 'Stand Up, it's Thursday Night!" and Cinnequest Film Festival ‘Funny Girlz.’
    Jess Sutich
Boston stand-up comedian, improvisor and storyteller, Jess Sutich, has been performing stand-up for five years and improv for seven. Jess performs all over New England and is the weekly host at Improv Boston.
    Laura Swisher
Stand-up comedian and Internet/TV personality Laura Swisher has been acquired a devoted following from being featured regularly on Tech-TV and regularly performs in top comedy clubs Los Angeles and San Francisco. Laura has also appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and Oxygen’s Girls Behaving Badly.
    Bethany Van Delft
Bethany Van Delft is a founding member of "Colorstruck; Boston's Women of Color in Comedy". She has been performing stand-up in and around the New England area for 8 years. Bethany has been performed all over the East Coast and in the Boston Comedy Festival as well as being featured in Boston Magazine and The Boston Globe.
    Caitlin Vejby
Fresh faced newcomer to the San Francisco comedy scene, Caitlin Vejby uses her quirky sense of humor to address everything from awkward interactions to global warming. Caitlin is an audience favorite and delivers the laughs everytime.
    Ali Wong
San Francisco native comedian Ali Wong has been creating a heavy buzz in San Francisco with her comedy and her hair in her trademark Chun-Li buns, Wong packs a punch of infectious enthusiasm and her unique brand of side-splitting raunchiness, ethnic accents and physical comedy will leave the seats wet. Ali is a popular comedy club regular and performs at colleges throughout California.
    Tara Young
Tara Young is a young Philadelphia based comedian who hates bios and talking about herself in third person. Tara performs the comedy club circuit in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York City . "Tara has a very humorous set laced with pointed self deficiencies we all see within ourselves, a midnight dark sarcasm, and a deceptive bubbliness that engages the audience,” according to a recent review from comedysoapbox.com.
Zahra is comedic ingénue who is part Iranian, American and Terrorist. She performs at benefits and various comedy clubs in the Bay Area. Zahra is a student at UC Berkeley, graduating this winter in Theater, Dance and Performance Studies. She also performs in alternative theater productions like in George F. Walker’s offbeat comedy, “Suburban Motel: Featuring Loretta” playing in 2006 in the Bay Area.
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