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Lights...Camera....Action....On stage and everyday at school or work, all women can look great at any size.

Tip 1 - Be confident. Love yourself and body. As in the words of the great philosopher, Steve Perry of Journey, “Be good to yourself, because nobody else will.”

Tip 2 – Focus on Assets. Every woman should bring attention to their best features. For me it’s my cleavage. I love wearing push-in/up bras with some low cut shirts for my own entertainment. My mother hates this since she would like me to wear high cut shirts like I am going to church. She ends up calling these shirts my ‘Bar Girl’ clothes. Yeah!

Tip 3 – Take Time to Shop Alone. Go shopping online and alone so you can focus on what looks good on your body and take your time instead of getting approval from a friend.

Tip 4 – Have Fun. Play around with accessories like earrings, necklaces and hats to play up all those clothes you that you rediscovered in your closet from last year.

Tip 5 – Watch 5 Funny Females Live Show. At each 5 Funny Females show, take a look at all the individual styles of a variety of female comedians.

Style Tips provided by stand-up comedian, host and producer, Susan Alexander.

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